Chris Aable - A Brief Biography
by Stephen Valentino

Born on Barksdale Air Force Base, Chris Aable grew up in Louisiana, Texas and on the island of Guam. By the age of eight, Chris had developed a passion for the romance and history of collecting and investing.

insWhile in his early twenties, Chris moved to Los Angeles, opening a branch office for his company in Beverly Hills while also developing many skills in the entertainment industry.  In his teens, he had written over a hundred songs and poems which were later published as a book of poetry.  In his early twenties, he produced dozens of music compositions and played keyboards in a band called "Pan", named after the mythical god of music.  His rock band preformed at conventions and county fairs, with one audience numbering over 50,000 fans.   

Also during his early twenties, Chris studied with many prominent acting coaches, including Jeff Goldblum and Gedde Watanabe.  He soon appeared in several national commercials, TV appearances including a recurring "Under ten" role on General Hospital and landed several small film roles.  Additionally, Chris hosted and produced two TV talk shows in the early 1990s, Hollywood Today and Misadventures in Hollywood.  between the two shows, he interviewed over a hundred celebrities, including Gilbert Godfrey and Bruce Vilanch as well as historical news makers such as Marc Christian and Mitch Grobson.   

Chris considered his agent, Bill Lee with The Talent Bank Talent Agency, to be a close friend.  After Bill Lee passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident, Chris decided to quit show business for a while and pursue what he considered to be more important priorities  He pursued master's degrees in psychology and sociology, and graduated from UCLA's Instructor Development Program the early 1990s and Cal State LA with honors in 1997. Even before graduation, Chris began to teach at CSULA and Santa Monica College in a professorial, paid position. In the year 2000, Chris Aable was personally selected by the head of the Santa Monica College Psychology Department, to teach distinguished  students working towards degrees in advanced medical care.   He was also chosen to teach exceptionally bright high school students in Santa Monica College's Dual Enrollment Program.  This was an innovative program in which exceptionally bright senior high school students were enrolled in College and high school simultaneously.   According to the heads of both the Psychology and Sociology departments, Chris Aable's student evaluations at both CSULA and Santa Monica College were among the highest they had ever seen.

With the help of several employees in several states and three countries, Chris now runs several internet companies that in turn own about two hundred web domains.  His companies are planning to develop many of these into a network of interactive video, edutainment, dating, biographical and autobiographical websites.  One of his firms is also in various stages of production, producing his first CD consisting of fourteen of his favorite songs and will be recording episodes of his 1990s TV show "Hollywood Today" for distribution on DVD by Christmas, 2006. 


We can learn more about ourselves and others, we can teach with patience, we can grow.  In short, we can chose to evolve (construction) or devolve (destruction).

- Stephen Valentino

Chairman and Founder
SYR. Inc.
San Francisco Film Centre
39 Mesa Street, Production Suite #3
The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129


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