What is Self-Evolution?
By Chris Aable, M.A.

One of the many elements of self-evolution is self-adaptation.  This is not to say that we adapt only to ourselves.  Self adaptation means that we have to adapt and respond to ever-changing environments, and largely, to other people in our environments as fellow human beings.  Our aggressive instincts once served a purpose against lions, tigers and bears, but have worn out their usefulness in an industrialized and civilized world.  But yet, many of us all too often project our residual aggressions upon each other as nations, as cultures, as races, and as individuals.  Self-evolution therefore calls us examine ourselves, our behaviors, our thoughts and actions that defeat ourselves and others, and where these thoughts and feelings come from.  Self-evolution calls for us to rise above primitive instincts and to embrace ethics and civility.  "See" can stand for Self Embracing Ethics just as much as it stands for Self-evolution education.  We cannot cure long-term terrorism through violence, hatred and murder because such action only creates new generations of terrorists.  We can cure through education.  The type of education that comes in the form of peace, love and understanding.  Not in a naive way, but in a way that keeps ourselves safe and secure while teaching by example a willingness to live in peace and reaching out to allow others to the same.

Self-evolution is a theory I began to develop as a teenager and through the 1980s, long before the word became popular.  The theory is based on my findings in many years of studying and teaching both psychology and sociology. I intend to write books on my findings, and produce workshops/TV/Radio talk show about self-evolution.  It might sound Utopian to educate others in the struggle to rise above all of our lower, most base instincts, but it is by aiming for perfection that we bring ourselves closer to it and we deserve no less.  We live in a very fragile world, and we humans have become our own worse enemies.  If we don't learn to live together as the larger family that we truly are, we may very well be authoring our own extinction, for our technology has evolved to destroy entire nations, but our love and understanding of the greater human family has not yet evolved enough to end aggression, battles and new forms of war.  Such wars could end everything for everyone if we don't end war.

Self-evolution is the willingness to take care of oneself first so that we are in a better position to care for others.  Not out of guilt, blind duty or conformity, but as a freedom to choose to embrace peace, love and understanding as a mutual benefit for all concerned.  The premise is simple:  A healthy life is the highest value, because without life, there are no values.  This may sound like common sense, but our newspapers and hospitals are full of millions of people who prove that the trouble with common sense, is that it is all too common.  We each need a deeper sense of self and others if we want to make tomorrow much better than yesterday.  This might be harder work for some than others, but everything worth doing is both hard and fun, because it's so rewarding.  Let's work hard, and let's work fun to take care of ourselves and others.  These two actions need not conflict but in fact enhance each other.

Self-evolution pleads for reason backed by evidence and questioning, and to view supernatural claims as to whether they are real and workable.

Self-evolution is committed to respecting other points of view as long as those views do not impose on the rights of others, such as the right to non-belief and the right to question our government and to question authority.

Self-evolution requires that traditions, ideals, beliefs and philosophies are to be observed by each individual as to whether they tie into their personal philosophies rather than being accepted blindly or by default.

Self-evolution maintains that ethics and morality are in the human species by nature, through the nurturing instinct that drives us towards cooperation and concern for others, and not a product of the 3,000+ religions alone, many of which do battle with each other psychologically for followers and physically for territory.

Self-evolution pleads for the recognition that human intelligence, ingenuity and creativity are best expressed when one is free of outdated rules, restrictive belief systems or superstitions.

Self-evolution pleads for each human being to hold a stake in the continuance of humanity, to recognize that it is to the benefit of all humans to act in good will and to recognize and appreciate diversity, because we cannot escape diversity in any working social environment.

Self-evolution pleads for individuals to take responsibility for their actions, and emphasizes self responsibility for accomplishments and shortcomings.

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