Documentation of Chris Aable's Many Resumes
By Terry Madison  

November 18, 2006

I admit that it's very unusual when people are challenged to prove their own resumes in a public forum.  But apparently, that's what Brad Reddekopp, Francois Tremblay and David Pearson (As Reddekopp called them,  "the gang") have concerned themselves with for much of September and October of 2006.    In a world filled with much greater priorities such as war, famine, AIDS, genocide, racism, etc.  "the gang" concerns itself with  either sending unsolicited instant messages, unsolicited emails, or putting multiple posts in our forum and their own about, of all things, Chris Aable's entertainment and teaching resumes, making the false statements that Mr. Aable's resumes are mostly "fake".  Perhaps they didn't check out the fact that some of his work was done as Chris Brown before he joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1988.  But even giving "the gang" that much consideration, one would think that mature, rational people wouldn't want to go out of their way to defame and smear someone who has never posted anything negative about them.  And even if they can't help themselves from stooping to such unevolved (but hopefully only temporary) behavior, the least they might could do is some research for real-world evidence instead of relying solely on "Wikipedia" and cinephillic fan-film websites.  But more to the point, if we're going to spend time attacking someone, we hope our attackers would have enough self-worth to debate about greater priorities as mentioned above.  Most rational people I've spoke with agree with me that the validity of a person's resume should be between themselves and prospective employers who might view them online and then determine their authenticity.  If "the gang" had done their research, they would know that Chris continues to work on an occasional basis for friends he knows in the entertainment industry, but not all TV and Radio credits are posted all over the internet.  Chris doesn't seem to think this is a big deal, but as I told his assistant, Jamie, people tend to believe what they first read, and, as "the gang" proved by themselves, some people either don't have the time to look for contrary evidence about their assumptions, or worse, simply don't wish to.  Since I own stock in several of his companies, I've taken it upon myself to start posting the documents to back up Chris Aable's resumes, and one of his assistants, Jamie King, has volunteered to help me in the process.  Several weeks ago I told Steve Wagner that he could make them the following general offer in the form of both a reward and a challenge:

For every item Reddekopp and Tremblay can prove false on Mr. Aable's entertainment and teaching resume, we will pay you $200 for your time, expense and trouble.  In turn, all we ask is that you pay us $50 for our time, expense and trouble for every item that we can document.  This is more than's a 4 to 1 advantage and if you're not lying to the world on your own blogs, then you stand to make a couple of thousand dollars at least.  Because whether you believe it or not, Chris has many awards, diplomas and achievements posted on his resume.  You make the public claim that most of this is "fake", here is your opportunity to prove it, and get paid for doing so.

This is a bit out of order right now, more editing and much additional items to follow in the weeks ahead, including clips from many of Chris Aable's TV and film appearances.  



A year after moving to Los Angeles in 1987, Chris was signed on with Bill Lee at Talent Bank Talent Agency in 1988.  That same year, he appeared in over a dozen commercials for The Movie Channel, was on General Hospital for two weeks and began hosting his own TV Show, "Hollywood Today"  -

List of Celebrities on Chris Aable's Various TV Shows

In 1989, Chris decided to retire from "Show business" for a while to pursue greater interests and priorities. 

To that end, he took an AA Degree in Human Services in 1991 at Los Angeles City College while doing volunteer work for Teen Canteen and The United Way.

He took his BA Degree in Psychology in 1993 at CSULA, and an MA Degree in Psychology in 1997

In between his BA and MA programs in Psychology, Chris was highly recommended to John Trombley, who offered Chris a job as a Package Broker and Consultant.   Chris told Mr. Trombley that he would provided that there is an understanding that Chris would move back to Los Angeles after six months if he didn't enjoy living in  Manhattan, N.Y.C., right across the river from his future office in Hoboken.  Chris worked there from September 1994 to February, 1995, exactly six months.  Although Chris enjoyed living in Manhattan, he missed his work as a social worker and the sunny weather of Hollywood.  Thus moved back to pursue a double MA in Psychology and Sociology while working at the Herbert Benton Youth Home: 


Chris Aable with some of his Employees.  From Left to Right:  Jay, Chris, Travis (sitting) Omar and Art. 

One of Chris Aable's acting coaches, John Cedar (A regular on the TV Show Hogan's Heroes and producer/director of the Cult Movie "The Manatee" starring Tony Curtis, of "Some Like it Hot" fame with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. 

Chris with "The Lovely Carol" in the 1990s on his show "Hollywood Today".  At the time, she was host of the live "Gong Show" at Rage.  She went on to guest host "Talk Soup" several times on National TV. 



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