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As I've been writing for many years: 
April 7th, 2005 Thursday

My appeal to revoke the 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace assigned to Henry Kissinger:
It is unfortunate but true, like all murderers and people who order others to murder, Henry Kissinger is worthy of prison, not a peace prize, as is Alexander Haig and as was former President Richard Nixon. 
Ford's pardon of Nixon not only kept his treason to his country and his crimes against humanity from being punished, the pardon swept under the carpets the facts that Nixon and Kissinger were being investigated for their orders to the CIA to have innocent civilians killed in both Chile and Timor. Kissinger, along with Nixon, ordered the murders of innocent body guards and generals in Chile and sanctioned the deaths of 100,000 innocent men, women and children near Indonesia in Timor. They feared the communists, so opted for leaders who they knew to be ruthless and murderous dictators instead. 
Nixon and Kissinger's ruthless, thoughtless and heartless orders to the CIA are a matter of documented record, found in official White House correspondence. 
Nixon and Kissinger had the democratically elected president of Chile murdered because U.S. interests lobbied Nixon to not let the workers in Chile nationalize the copper and tin mines, of which Pepsi Cola and ITT, two of Nixon's biggest donors, had huge financial interests in. 

With mass murder being committed in Vietnam and Cambodia, Nixon turned most of his time and energies on Chile and had Pinochet reinstalled against the advise of his former generals, who were later murdered. 
The Pinochet/Nixon power-grab led to nearly twenty years, an entire generation, of mass murder and executions all over Chile. 
Shame on Kissinger, shame on Nixon. Shame on Roger Ailes, "news" manager at Fox "news" Fraud, and former speaker for Richard Nixon who both together invented the great big of lie they call "The Liberal Media", for, in truth largely quoting Nixon/Kissinger in their own lying words. 

I was born in the USA, but like all good people I want humanity to learn from its deadly mistakes, not deny them. 
Approval of Kissinger for the Nobel Prize cheapens it, because Kissinger has blood on his hands and took part in genocide and mass murder by following Nixon's mad orders. 
Nixon and Kissinger - Murderers - both of them. 

For those who defend them, they either do not know all these facts, you simply do not care, haven't done their homework, are in just as much in denial as Kissinger is, or worse, defend Kissinger, Roger Ailes and Nixon based on blind allegiance to a political stance. 

Shame on the merciless souls who do. Tyrants should never be allowed to get away with murder just because they were elected by a majority who are often kept in the dark - either by their own fault or a flood of lies and propaganda that too many are all too willing to drown themselves in. 

- Chris Aable

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