Chris Aable's Vita - A Professor's Resume


Chris Aable

A. Personal History

Address: Beverly Hills, California

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, traveling, chess, numismatics, philosophy, philately, tennis, volleyball, weight lifting and roller-skating.

Other Activities: Educational public television and radio show producer and public service announcer. Free-lance writing (numerous works of non-fiction published in various periodicals and books). Former actor (appeared on General Hospital, several movies and in fourteen national T.V. commercials, interviewed approximately one hundred celebrities on Century Cable's T.V. show "Hollywood Today" and  "Los Angeles Today"). Taught acting and the Business of Show Business at the Gardner Stage and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.


B. Educational History

1. University of California, Los Angeles
Completion: Instructor Development Program (1989)
Extension Courses in Teaching and classroom instruction.

2. Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles
Major: Human Services
Degree: A.A. (1991)

3. California State University, Los Angeles
Major: Psychology, with emphasis in Social Psychology.
Degree: B.A. (1993)

4. California State University, Los Angeles
Major: Psychology, with emphasis in Teaching Psychology.
Degree: M.A. (1997)

5. California Sate University, Los Angeles
Major: Sociology, with emphasis in Teaching Sociology.
Degree: M.A. pending thesis. Expected Graduation: 6/2007.

C. Professional Positions

1. Acting Instructor, The Gardner Stage, Los Angeles, California (1988 - 1989).
Duties: Organized lesson plans and class schedule for the course "The Business of Show Business". Instructed students in improvisational techniques, acting theory, resume writing, the psychology of marketing talent and the sociology of show business.

2. Tutor and Instructor, Los Angeles City College Learning Skills Center (1989-1990).
Duties: Instructed students in introductory Psychology, Sociology and English. Clarified concepts and definitions, planned homework assignments and study schedules. Conducted study groups and facilitated question and answer sessions.

3. Intake Counselor, Citrus House, Los Angeles, California (1990-1991).
Duties: Youth advocate for runaway, homeless adolescents and former gang members. Assessed potential clients for suitability of the program. Oriented clients to environment, functions and rules of the house. Maintained group cohesiveness through conflict mediation, organized discussion groups,
ascertained observation status of clients and filled out daily observation reports.
Supervisor: Dana Linnet, House Manager

4. Child Care Worker, Herbert Benton Youth Home, Los Angeles, California (1995-1996) and (1998-1999)
Duties: Instructor of communication skills, social skills and independent living skills to homeless adolescents with histories of abuse and/or problematic behaviors. One-on-one tutoring of client school assignments, co-facilitating
Therapy groups. Severed as a senior mediator of conflicts between residents at the facility. Promoted to Program Director in 1999.
Supervisor: Frank Nolan, Supervisor

5. Graduate Instructor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California (September-December 1996).
Duties: Assistant Instructor of advanced graduate course in sociology (Social Change) with an emphasis on the nature of prejudice, group behavior and the pros and cons of Utopian idealism verses practical social change. Prepared reading syllabus, composed and graded quizzes, midterms and final exams.
Supervisor: Dr. Christina Bodinger D'Uriarte

6. Graduate Instructor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California (Jan., 1995 - Dec., 1997).
Duties: Instructor of introductory course in psychology with emphasis on human diversity, social psychology, the history of psychology and personality theory. Delivered lectures in social psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, cultural diversity and personality theory. Composed and graded weekly quizzes, midterms and final exams.
Supervisors: Dr. Michael Wapner, Dr. David Perrott and Dr. Burton Alperson

7. Child Development Trainer & Social Worker, Ettie Lee Youth and Family Services, (August, 1997 - April 1999).
Duties: Taught several psychology courses for the Department of Children & Family Services through their program at the Ettie Lee Foster Family Agency. Independently prepared lectures, teaching tools, curriculum and recruited foster parents for on-going training courses in Child Development, Adolescent Behavior, Family Communications and Family Problem-Solving Strategies. Conducted preadmission screening and admission for placement of children in Agency certified homes. Acted as liaison with county placement workers, teachers and other community resource persons. Developed children's treatment plans and needs assessments outlines. Taught special classes relating to the concerns in meeting problematic adolescent behavior and state laws as they pertain to foster family homes.
Supervisors: Steve Horne and Mary Beth Myers, M.A.

8. Instructor of Psychology, Department of Behavioral Studies and The Dual Enrollment Program, Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California (Dec. 1999 - June., 2001)
Duties: Instructor of Psychology. Independently produced lectures, teaching tools and curriculum for a course in Lifespan Development. Organized a special conference with lectures from seven guest speakers on employment opportunities for graduates. Developed and assigned term paper projects as well as extra credit projects. Composed and graded weekly quizzes, midterms, final exams as well as all written assignments. Taught mostly gifted high-school students who were enrolled at Santa Monica College in General Psychology while finishing high school.


D. Current Memberships in National Professional Associations

California Faculty Association
California Teachers Association
Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology, Life Member
National Education Association
Psi Beta, National Honor Society in Psychology for Junior Colleges, Life Member
Psy Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology, Life Member
International Honor Society in Sociology, Life Member


E. Miscellaneous Academic Activities

Assistant Instructor, The American Film Institute (1987 - 1989).
Teacher and acting coach for the course "The Business of Show Business",
Gardner Stage, Los Angeles (1987-1990).
Educator and Self-help Group Facilitator, Teen Canteen, Los Angeles (1989-1990).
Instructor and coordinator of study groups and lesson plans, Los Angeles
City College Learning Skills Center (1990-1991).
Tutor and social skills educator, Arlington House (1993 - 1994).
Tutor and group dynamics leader, Herbert Benton Group Home (1995-1996).
President, CSULA Chapter of Amnesty International, Elected five times (1993-1997).
Child Development Instructor, Ettie Lee Youth Services (1997 - 1999).
Public Service Educator, S.E.E., Cable T.V. and Radio (1987 - present).

F. Honors and Awards

Youngest winner, Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas Chess Championship at age 15.
District Representative - American Numismatic Association (1983-1987).
Who's Who of North American Poets - U.S.A., Canada and Mexico (1984).
The National Honor Society in Psychology - Los Angeles City College (1989).
The Boardman Peace Prize - Los Angeles City College (1990).
Councilperson-At-Large - Los Angeles City College (1990-1991).
Delegate to The Model United Nations (1992)
Certificate of Leadership - California State University Los Angeles (1993-1995).
George C. Smith Scholarship for Volunteer Service (1997).
Charles Wang Scholarship for Academic Excellence (1997).
Employee of the Month - Ettie Lee Family Services (2/98 and 4/99).
Dedication to Youth Award - Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services (1999).
Cultural Committee Appreciation Award - Ettie Lee Youth Services (1999).
Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, Greenwich University, U.K. (2001)
Outstanding Leadership Award, American Coin Club (2002)

H. Publications

1. Master's Thesis:
Problems Encountered in Organizational Volunteer Work (1997).
Problems Encountered in Leadership and Followership Behavior (Expected completion: 6/2007)

2. Books, sole authorship
Life Songs, Poems and Songs for Reflection and Enjoyment (1984).
Heartwind Publications, Shreveport, Louisiana.
What is Self-Evolution? (A book Scheduled for release in late 2007).
Beverly Hills Book Club, Beverly Hills, California.

3. Numerous articles on economics, sociology and numismatics published in Coin News, The Coin Investment Newsletter, Hard Money and Rare Coin Magazine (1978 to present). Listed in "Who's Who of North American Poets, Canada, Mexico, and U.S.A.

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